birthday messages for kids

best birthday messages for kids

Birthday messages for kids : parents search for appropriate phrases to congratulate their children on this beautiful day. We must instill in children’s hearts a love of life from a young age. In this article, we will present to you birthday words for children.

birthday messages for kids

  • Every year, you are the candle of my life, my beautiful child.
  • I was confused about your holiday, what should I give you? I give you a rose that will wither. I give you my life that will end. I give you my soul in which you can live a new life. Happy new year.
  • Today is your birthday and everyone is happy for you, and from the bottom of my heart I pray for you, may God protect you and grant you a long life. Happy new year.
  • Every year you are the sure love, every year you are in goodness and happiness. You have the meanings of affection in the letter of the poem and you have its titles and what is between the lines.
  • To the one who picked a smile and imprinted it on my sorrows. To the one who taught me the geometry of the phrase and broke the barriers of my pen. To you, I send my congratulations before all people. I congratulate him every year and you are fine, my little child.
  • Every year, you are a source of light for my heart. Every year, you are a source of joy for my soul. Every year, I collect words of love in order to make a necklace from them that I give to you, and with feelings free of fakery, I tell you every year, and your hopes and wishes come true. Every year, you are the most precious thing in life, oh all of life.
  • Happy new year to you, my child and my love. Happy new year.
  • Every year, you are the delight of my heart.
  • Oh bird, oh bird, in the sky, lean on my beloved child and say to him, Happy New Year, and may God increase his lifespan every year.
  • I wish to give you a tree that will shade you abundantly, protect you from every danger, and give you the sweetest fruit. May you be well every year.
  • I say quickly, before all of them, Happy New Year, after all of them.
  • I don’t say you are fine every year, but I say you are good for every year.
  • Do not think that there is anyone else who loves you so much. The spirit of the nights celebrates with you. The spirit celebrates every day, but tonight it celebrates in a second way the birth of a familiar person. Your smile lights a sweet candle and rejoices in a year with described hope. The warmth of my love greets you and a lifetime within which you exist.
  • I bypass all the rushers and precede all the well-wishers and say Happy New Year.
  • Once again, and the glory is always increasing, I go ahead of this world and say, Happy New Year. Tonight is your birthday. Tonight birds sing throughout the ages. I welcome your birthday with roses and flowers.
  • Happy New Year, my dearest person in my little heart. Today is your happy birthday. My soul and my eyes can carry you and fly. Happy New Year.

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Birthday phrases for children

  • She is my spoiled little girl, the princess. She is my bird. She is my rose. She is my beautiful butterfly. She is the one in whose eyes I see the splendor of the world. She has the most beautiful curls. I see the laughter of all of life with her smile. The most beautiful and creative thing God created. I hear her voice calling me “Daddy.” I quickly turn to her. Here she is coming, carrying her toy, hugging her between Her hands, so what is more precious than my heart on the day of her birth that I should give to her? My precious daughter, my beloved, I give you the gift of your birthday, my life, my years, my days, my hours and seconds, and I cannot wait for you to thank me.
  • Every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year and you are fine.
  • I came to race the clocks to say Happy New Year.
  • Every year, you are in my heart. Every year, my hearts will be sacrificed for you, O delight of my liver and my candle in my holidays, O pulse that dances in the body, so make it happy, O shady songbird, you run the blood through the veins. Every year, the world is in your hands, and the laughter never leaves your eyes. Happy birthday to us and to you.
  • Today is a special day because it is the birthday of my most precious people, the birthday of my child and the light of my heart. May God make your year happy and your life long in joy, happiness and goodness.
  • I pray to God Almighty that it will be a happy year for you, full of happiness and joy. I also hope that God will fulfill all your hopes and have a good year.
  • With the last moments of the year, we blow out the candles and light candles, wishing you a year of love and happiness.
  • A year passes, a year passes, and you are a ray that illuminates our hearts. Happy New Year.

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Beautiful birthday phrases for children

  • Oh, you are like the moon, you are more delicate than flowers, happy new year, my dearest people.
  • I fear that someone will precede me and congratulate you on your kind heart, and I would love to see you congratulating me and happy new year.
  • Today is a birthday like no other. Your birthday is two to me, dearer than an eyelash or an eye.
  • Between a letter and a line, I made the world happy with the most precious human being, and I say, Happy New Year, my dear child.
  • Every year, the world is in your hands, the laughter never leaves your eyes, and a happy birthday to us and you.
  • I celebrate you, the light of my eyes, my angel, my soul, and the feeling in me sings, Happy New Year.
  • I put you in my heart, I congratulated you, I cherished you, and I congratulated you on your birthday.
  • Oh rose, go to my child and say, “I am a gift to you from a person who loves you and says, Happy New Year.”
  • Every year, my dear, you are the most beautiful day of my life. Every year, your love in my heart increases after my life. Happy new year, my beloved child.
  • The sweetest congratulations for the sweetest feeling, my preciousness is beyond measure. Every year you are the happiest of people.
  • In your young eyes, Khaqiqi smiles with a smile of satisfaction, and Dhanini smiles at you with the smile of Omar. Happy New Year.

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